How to Install Coir Geotextile Fabrics?


5 Easy Steps to Install Coir Geotextile Fabrics by Yourself

Install coir geotextiles with ease on sites that require erosion control, soil stabilization, or for landscaping rain gardens.

Our DIY guide will take you through 5 hassle-free steps. 


Step 1

Prepare the area by clearing any debris, rocks, or vegetation, and ensure that the soil is prepped for plant growth.

Professionals from HEIGER Australia are preparing the eroded slope by removing debris for coir geotextile installation
An eroded slope with loose topsoil that needs sediment control
Step 2

Dig a trench of at least 200mm depth around the whole area of installation and fill it back after the placement of the coir mesh within.

A dug up trench to install coir geotextiles for slope stabilization from HEIGER Australia
A filled up trench after laying out coir geotextiles on slope from HEIGER Australia
Step 3

Unroll the coir mesh, cut it to the desired length, and lay it in the direction of water flow.

Durable geotextiles made from 100% natural coir by HEIGER Australia for erosion and sediment control
Cut the coir geotextile to required length of slope
Step 4

Ensure that the adjoining rolls overlap by at least 100mm and secure the edges of the coir mesh with a couple of pins every square meter.

Adjoining coir geotextiles are overlapped and pinned during installation
Secure the coir geotextiles on eroded slopes by placing pins every square meter
Step 5

Water the coir mesh to help it conform to the soil and promote the growth of vegetation.

Sediment runoff control on slopes with durable coir geotextiles from HEIGER Australia

To further prevent sedimentation and movement of soil around the coir mesh installed areas, place coir mesh logs perpendicular to the direction of sediment flow.

Excellent sediment flow control by installing coir logs and geotextiles on slopes by the experts from HEIGER Australia

When vegetated both the coir logs and coir geotextile fabric will provide the mechanical strength necessary to hold the soil in place, establishing natural borders and thereby preventing erosion and sedimentation.

Read more about our high-quality coir geotextile mesh and browse our available range. Contact us for more information on questions related to installation and our customizable solutions.

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