Hydroponic Farming

Higher Yields through Sustainable Agriculture in Australia

Is Traditional Agriculture Failing Us?

Switch to HEIGER Hydroponics!

Imagine farming with minimal land space and still obtaining twice the yield! Just using 10% of the water that is traditionally used? Even though this sounds too good to be true, it is possible with the expert HEIGER hydroponic solutions.

Sticking to traditional methods of farming doesn’t solve the many pressing problems. Limited arable land, water scarcity, soil degradation, climate dependency, or the number of harmful pesticides used are all huge problems for both the economy and the environment.

Why Hydroponic Farming?

Your Solution to Sustainable Farming with HEIGER

Hydroponics is the future of farming.  Our primary goal is to protect natural resources and produce crops with higher yields. When it comes to sustainable agriculture, Hydroponic farming is a modern and innovative method of growing plants without soil.

The experts at HEIGER have carefully crafted this method to suit Australian conditions. HEIGER hydroponics allows for precise control over plant nutrition, water usage, and environmental needs. This provides you with crop cycles that have higher yields, and faster growth rates.

Imagine reducing water consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional farming methods! HEIGER Hydroponics allows you to grow crops all year round, regardless of weather conditions. This ensures steady and reliable production.

Maximize Productivity with Coconut Coir Substrates

At HEIGER, we have enhanced the innovative hydroponic technology even further. We have maximized the excellence of hydroponics by using coconut coir substrates. HEIGER sources its coir from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s warm and humid climate, combined with its nutrient-rich soil, produces the highest quality coir.

Switching to coir substrates offers the advantage of long-lasting water retention and air-filled porosity that promotes optimal crop growth at every stage. Experience improved crop health and productivity for five years and beyond by transitioning to high-quality coir.

Optimal Moisture

Coir derived from renewable coconut husks has excellent water retention capability. This provides plants with optimal moisture without the risk of waterlogging. Therefore, it promotes healthy root hydration and prevents water-related issues such as root rot.

Enhanced Aeration & pH Stability

Furthermore, our coir substrates ensure enhanced aeration within the root zone, allowing roots to access the oxygen they need for proper respiration and nutrient uptake. Maintaining pH stability is a breeze with coir, as it is naturally pH-neutral, providing you with better control over nutrient absorption and reducing the need for frequent adjustments.

Improved Nutrient Retention

Coir substrates have cation exchange properties, meaning they can retain and release essential nutrients as required by your plants. This nutrient retention and release system reduces waste, enhances nutrient efficiency, and contributes to healthy plant growth. It's also naturally resistant to fungi, reducing the risk of root diseases and ensuring your plants thrive.

Customized Solutions!

Crop Specific Coir Substrates

Our coir substrates are versatile and suitable for different hydroponic systems, allowing you to customize your setup according to your specific needs. Whether you’re a commercial farmer or an avid gardener, HEIGER has a solution for you!

HEIGER’s coir substrates for hydroponic growing systems are available in Grow Bags and Planter Bags. Grow Bags are customized with drainage, planting, and dripper holes as per your requirements.

HEIGER coir substrate is also available in many compressed forms for various container-growing methods.

Commercial Cocopeat Supply

HEIGER supplies cocopeat to growers Australia-wide. We are experienced in working with commercial farms of fruit and vegetable crops. Our experts can not only provide you with the products you need but support you in planning and improving your farm.

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