Build Your Dream Home Garden with the Artistry of Coir

Aesthetic Home Gardens

Discover the Finest Australian Landscaping Products for a Greener Tomorrow

We are your one-stop destination for premium coir products for all your landscaping needs! Transform your garden into a picturesque oasis with our coco fiber products that offer unmatched durability, flexibility, and sustainability. Experience the eco-friendly benefits of HEIGER's home gardening products in Australia. Start an exciting and sustainable DIY landscaping project today!

Raised Garden Beds

Embrace the joy of crafting your flourishing home garden with HEIGER Nature Beds. The flexible and durable HEIGER Nature Beds are made from our expertly crafted Coco Blocks. Made from the natural fibers of coir, our Coco Blocks offer unparalleled strength and versatility. Simply arrange the blocks into the desired shape and effortlessly create raised garden beds that fit your vision perfectly.

Garden Edging

Experience the magic of garden edging with HEIGER Coco Blocks, known for their strength and flexibility. These blocks, made from durable coir fibers, offer a fantastic solution for creating captivating borders in your outdoor space. With their easy flexibility, you can effortlessly shape and mold the Coco Blocks to fit the unique curves and angles of your garden.

Vertical Gardens

Discover the amazing world of vertical gardens with HEIGER GrowMesh, a versatile and eco-friendly solution. Made from tough coir fibers, this innovative GrowMesh allows you to turn any wall or vertical space into a thriving garden. With its adaptable nature, easily shape and attach the GrowMesh to any surface, creating a living tapestry that defies gravity.

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