How to Install Coir Blankets?


5 Easy Steps to Install Coir Blankets by Yourself

Install coir blankets with ease on sites that require erosion control, soil stabilization, or for landscaping purposes.

Coir blankets, (also known as coir erosion control blankets, or coconut coir blankets) are used to control soil erosion and promote vegetation growth. They are made from coconut fiber and biodegradable materials.

Here are five easy steps to install coir blankets!

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Step 1
Prepare the Area

Before you start installing the coir blanket, prepare the area where erosion control is needed. Remove any existing vegetation, debris, or rocks from the soil. It’s important to have a clean and smooth surface for proper installation.

Step 2
Unroll the Coir Blanket

Unroll the coir blanket over the prepared area, ensuring that the coir fibers are facing the soil. The blanket should overlap the edges of the area to provide complete coverage and prevent water from washing underneath.

Step 3
Secure the Coir Blanket

To prevent the coir blanket from shifting or being carried away by wind or water, secure it in place using wooden stakes or pins along the edges. Place these stakes at regular intervals, typically every few feet, and hammer them into the ground through the blanket.

Step 4
Optional - Plant Seeds and Mulch

If you want to encourage vegetation growth, you can plant grass or native plant seeds directly into the coir blanket. Follow the recommended seeding rates for your chosen plants. After seeding, you can spread a thin layer of mulch over the coir blanket to help retain moisture and protect the seeds from birds.

Step 5
Water and Maintain

After installation, water the coir blanket thoroughly to ensure it makes good contact with the soil beneath it. Watering helps the coir fibers bind with the soil and promotes seed germination. Depending on the weather conditions and the specific needs of your plants, you may need to water regularly until the vegetation becomes established.

To further prevent sedimentation and movement of stabilized soil around the coir blanket installed areas, place coir mesh logs perpendicular to the direction of sediment flow.

Excellent sediment flow control by installing coir logs and geotextiles on slopes by the experts from HEIGER Australia

When vegetated both the coir logs and coir blankets will provide the mechanical strength necessary to hold the soil in place, establishing natural borders and thereby preventing erosion and sedimentation.

Regularly inspect the coir blanket for any signs of erosion, and reseed or replant as needed. As the vegetation grows and stabilizes the soil, the coir blanket will eventually degrade over time.

Remember that coir blankets are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making them a sustainable choice for erosion control. Proper installation and maintenance will help ensure their effectiveness in preventing soil erosion and promoting plant growth.

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