How to Install Silt Fences


6 Easy Steps to Install A Silt Fence!

Silt fences are an effective and economical way to control soil erosion and sediment runoff from construction sites, land clearing, or landscaping projects. They are designed to filter out the silt and debris from the stormwater, while allowing the water to pass through. Silt fences can also protect the environment and water quality by preventing the silt from entering streams, lakes, or wetlands.

At HEIGER, we offer high-quality UV stabilised woven silt fence material that can last up to two years. Our silt fence rolls are available in green or high visibility orange, and in 50m, 100m, or 500m lengths. You can choose the size and colour that suits your needs and preferences.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to install silt fences, ensuring your erosion control project is a success.

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Step 1
Lay Out A Path

Lay out and mark the path for your silt fence along the contour of the slope, where water is likely to pool. Avoid creating large U-shaped or J-shaped areas where water and sediment could collect and overflow the fence. The fence should be curved or have J-hooks at the ends to prevent water from bypassing the sides of the fence.

Step 2
Dig A Trench

Dig a trench at least 20cm deep and 20cm wide for the entire length of the fence. The trench should be on the uphill side of the fence line.

Step 3
Hammer Wooden Stakes

Hammer wooden stakes on the downhill side of the trench, about 1-1.5m apart. The stakes should be at least 50mm thick and 90cm long, and driven about 30cm into the ground.

Step 4
Wrap and Staple the Silt Fence Fabric

Unroll the silt fence fabric and wrap it around the stakes so that the bottom 20cm of the fabric rests in the trench. Staple the fabric securely to the stakes, making sure there are no gaps or wrinkles.

Step 5
Fill the Trench with Soil

Fill the trench with soil and compact it over the fabric to anchor it firmly.

By following these steps, you can install a silt fence that will effectively control erosion and sediment on your site. Remember to check and maintain your silt fence regularly, and remove any accumulated sediment when it reaches half the height of the fence.

If you need more information or assistance on how to install a silt fence, please contact us at HEIGER. We are happy to help you with your erosion control needs.

Silt Fence Installation - HEIGER Australia

To order our silt fence rolls online, please visit our shop page. You can also find more tips and resources on how to use our products effectively on our blogs.

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