Coir Mesh Australia

Coir mesh rolls & bales, also known as coir mesh rolls are erosion control products. They are made from the fibrous husk of coconut shells called coir. These geo fabrics are a mat of natural coconut coir fibers woven together to form a continuous roll.

Coir mesh rolls are designed to be laid out over soil surfaces to provide immediate protection against sediment runoff. They are designed to promote the establishment of vegetation by providing an ideal growing medium for plant roots to take hold. Coir mesh rolls & bales rolls are a popular and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic erosion control materials.

Coir Mesh Rolls for Controlling Soil Erosion

The best erosion and sediment control solutions in Australia

Coir mesh rolls are an effective measure for mitigating sediment runoff in Australian terrains. These coir mesh bales provide immediate slope stabilization when unrolled and secured to the soil. Geotextile rolls create a protective layer that helps prevent soil erosion, reducing the impact of rainfall and surface runoff. By anchoring the soil, geotextile rolls minimize sediment runoff and the risk of slope failure.

The woven structure of geotextile rolls allows for water infiltration while effectively trapping sediment particles. As water flows through the geotextile rolls, they act as a filter, capturing sediment and preventing it from being washed away. This helps improve water quality downstream by reducing the amount of sediment reaching sensitive ecosystems.

Coir mesh rolls provide an ideal environment for vegetation establishment. Seeds or plants can be introduced into the rolls, which offer protection from wind and water erosion. The geotextile rolls retain moisture and provide a stable substrate for root growth. As vegetation takes hold, it further stabilizes the soil, reduces erosion, and enhances the effectiveness of the geotextile rolls.

Buy Coir Mesh Rolls & Bales Online For Sale

High-quality coir mesh rolls in Melbourne

HEIGER Coir mesh rolls ( also known as coir netting rolls or woven coir rolls) can be purchased hassle free online from anywhere in Australia, with instant shipping and wholesale pricing. This is possible as we are Australia’s largest producer of Coir Erosion Control Products. We provide comprehensive sediment control solutions from Coir Logs, Geotextile Bales, Coir Blankets and eco-friendly coir Landscaping products.

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Ideal Applications of Coir Mesh Rolls/Bales

  • Erosion control on slopes, riverbanks, and shorelines
  • Slope stabilization on road embankments, railway cuttings, etc.
  • Vegetation establishment in land reclamation, mine site rehabilitation
  • Landscaping for soil erosion prevention, water retention, and plant growth
  • Sediment control in construction sites and areas with sediment runoff
  • Streambank and shoreline stabilization against erosive forces

Superior Durability

Since we produce our own coir products, our sediment control solutions are designed with durability in mind. We use advanced manufacturing techniques and customized design processes. A state-of-the-art needle-punching process is employed to create tightly interlocked fiber structures, resulting in long-lasting products unlike any other product in the market!
We use a specialized compression method for maximum resistance to wear and tear. Our experienced engineers work closely with clients to develop customized solutions that exceed industry standards for performance and durability, with rigorous testing at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Sustainable Sourcing

At HEIGER, we source our coir from Asia. Asia’s warm and humid climate, combined with its nutrient-rich soil, produces coconuts with thicker husks and longer fibers. These longer and thicker fibers make Asian coir more durable and resistant to wear and tear.
We stringently utilize aged coir instead of fresh coir. By harnessing the benefits of aged coir, we offer products that excel in effectiveness. The natural decomposition process enhances the coir’s stability, water-holding capacity, and reduces harmful compounds. This results in superior erosion control, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging environments. With aged coir, we provide sustainable solutions that protect landscapes and promote vegetation.